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domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

That Vanilla Rainbow

The vanilla smell invaded the room so
that even termites have a break.


he did not understand,
was magical

But seeing the look of it, enjoyed.


'' I wanted to be like Arthur McDouglas
speak without thinking and be direct
but using the wisdom of my thirty-something
12 more and wanting more "

"Friday was a good day
could have been better
I did not do better
make the week better
reading, waiting "

He thinks he breathes
Looking for your girl
smile because it reminds of another
that will be your

Old men sighing
while walking down the avenue
listening, attentive to the subject
oblivious to the world
They look and think:
"When and how it happened?"

He knows when

In the rain, the fire
in jumps, dance
many people there, in your mind
only two
more wine, precious, and some grass

"That Rainbow smells like vanilla. And Summer(at least for me)"

it's official

He's just not (yet) know what to do ...

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